Which Possession Proceedings?


Possession proceedings against licensees

If you want to evict a licensee you will (in most cases) still need to get a Court order for possession, but there is a different procedure from that used to evict tenants.  

There is also a different notice which need to be served first (an old style Notice to Quit).

However before starting your proceedings, you need to be absolutely sure that your agreement IS a license.  Many so called license agreements are actually tenancies.

For more information about this, see the Landlord Law Blog post >> here.

If you would like some help, you may want to use our non members telephone advice service >> here.

Note that the procedure for evicting licensees is not currently available with the Landlord Law DIY Eviction Guide (although there is a separate Squatters Eviction Kit).  

If you are certain that your agreement is a license we recommend that you either use Landlord Action or a firm of solicitors familiar with eviction work such as Anthony Gold.

Find out more about Landlord Action and Anthony Gold >> here
Find out more about the Squatters Eviction Kit >> here.

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