Landlord Law Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for membership

NB These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

Your membership of the Landlord Law service is subject to your agreement to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

NB For terms and conditions regarding our various 'Easy Law Training' services and events (including the Landlord Law Conference) see here.


1. We are Landlord Law, an online legal information service provided by Landlord Law Services Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales number 08153069, registered office 148 Unthank Road Norwich NR2 2RS.  

2. You are a person either subscribing to or intending to subscribe to the Landlord Law service. People who have subscribed to Landlord Law are known as 'members'.

Our service

3. The Landlord Law Service consists of written information and legal material relating to private residential landlord and tenant related law and practice, e.g.: news; documents, letters, and forms; answers to questions asked by members and other visitors to the site; audio files in mp3 format and other multi media content; and other services with particular relevance to the needs of private residential landlords, tenants, and their advisors. Members can also purchase fixed fee and other legal services for an additional charge.

4. All content on Landlord Law relates to residential landlord and tenant law in England and Wales UK. The site is not intended for anyone who is a landlord, tenant, tenant, or advisor in another jurisdiction.

5. New services will be added to the site from time to time, and existing material amended, updated, and occasionally deleted (for example if it is rendered redundant by changes in legislation or if there proves to be little demand for it among members).

6. Members will also receive from time to time a newsletter, usually at monthly intervals, which will normally give details of new services and features on the site, and other information relating to residential landlord and tenant law.  You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

Becoming a member

7. You become a member of Landlord Law by completing the application form and paying the relevant membership fee for the period of time you wish to subscribe - known as your membership period.  There are also 'multi user' and premium membership types which are designed for companies and organisations - see section 12 below.  Apart from the multi user and premium membership services, membership is personal to you and non transferable.

8. Landlord membership can be monthly (standard level), six monthly or annual (both +Plus level membership). Monthly membership is only available if the member signs up to pay online, on a recurring payment basis. Landlord six month and annual membership is available on the same basis, or members can elect to be invoiced in advance and pay by whatever method they prefer. We reserve the right to charge a modest fee where renewal is on invoice to cover the additional work this involves.  

9. Standard membership. This the 'normal' membership type and is on a per person basis.  The membership fee is for access for one person only. If you put two names on the application form, the first person named will be the member. If you put a company or business name, we reserve the right to suspend your membership until we are given the name of the person who will be the member. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any application for membership at our discretion.

10.  +Plus membership is an enhanced standard membership type (currently applied to six month and annual memberships) where members are entitled to access to additional content, as set out on the membership information pages.  

There is also a nine-month 'eviction special' membership which includes additional one to one advice services - these advice services are subject to the additional terms and conditions here.

11. Special membership types aimed at businesses:

11A Multi User membership: Companies and organisations who have several staff members who will want to use the Landlord Law service can apply for multi user membership. This will operate as follows:

11A.1 Companies wishing to apply for multi user membership must contact us, giving us the name and contact details of the organisation, and the number of staff or members who will be using the Landlord Law service. All proposed members will need to complete our application form, which will be provided to you

11A.2. Companies are accepted as multi user members at our discretion. Note that companies with several branches or offices will need to apply for a separate multi user membership for each branch or office.

11A.3. If a company is accepted for multi user membership, they will be invoiced, the invoice sum to vary according to the number of proposed members. There will also be a setup fee. The multi-user membership will be set up and activated once the invoice has been paid.

11A.4. One member must be nominated as the company lead member. This member will be our main contact, and therefore must be someone with authority in the organisation. There must be a company lead member at all times.

11A.5. Other members will join as standard company members at a lower membership fee. The identity of the members can be changed, for example, if staff leave or join the organisation, provided all new staff complete the application form and confirm that they agree to these membership terms and conditions.

11A.6. Additional members can be added during the membership year provided the relevant membership fee has been paid in advance, and the new members complete the application form and agree to our terms and conditions.

11A.7. Multi user members will be invoiced annually and membership will be terminated if the membership fee is not paid within 14 days or the end of the membership period or the date of the invoice, whichever is the later.

11A.8.  If a company wishes to cancel its multi user membership during the membership period this can only be done at our discretion (which will not be refused unreasonably).

11A.9 All multi user members will have +Plus membership access rights.

11B - Premium Membership

11B.1 The Premium Membership service provides for the business owner to have up to four memberships for the business owner and their staff.

11B.2 As with the multi user membership, the identity of staff members can be changed at the request of the business owner.

11B.3 All 'one to one' services provided with Premium membership will be subject to the terms and conditions attached to similar services provided with the regular membership.

11B.4. Forum support covered by the service is for up to 15 questions per month and additional support will be at our discretion.

11B.5 Discounts for courses and training provided by our Easy Law Training service are subject to places being available on the relevant course or training product.

11B.6 The number of Premium Members we can accept at any one time are limited and we reserve the right to refuse applications for Premium membership at our discretion

11B.7 If you are accepted as a premium member this will be for a one year contract which is not cancellable after the first 30 days.  

11B.8 The fee for the Premium Membership is a fixed fee for the service and no refunds will be paid, for example, if you do not use up all your entitlement for services and/or training.

11B.9 If you wish to cancel your membership within the 30 day period, we will refund any membership fee paid, but reserve the right to offset the full price for any services provided and/or Easy Law Training course attended or enrolled on as part of your premium membership during the period of your membership, at our discretion.  

11B.10  If a standard or +plus member wishes to upgrade and apply for Premium membership, if their application is successful, a proportionate part of their current membership fee will be credited to them, up to the period when their Premium Membership commences.

Cancellations and refunds (not applicable to multi-user members or premium membership)

12. If after joining you decide that the service is not suitable for your needs, you can cancel your membership during the first 30 days of your membership period by sending us a message by sending an email to telling us you want to cancel, and providing your membership information so we can identify you on our system. Your membership fee will be refunded in full within 14 days. You will also need to cancel the recurring fee if this has been set up. 

Note however that membership fees for returning members wishing to cancel will only be refunded at our discretion.

Note also that if you have claimed any free advice service (such as a free telephone advice call) the cost of this will be deducted from any refund paid to you on cancellation.  So for example, if you have joined as a +plus member and have taken your free telephone advice call, the sum of £90 will be deducted from any refund paid to you.

13. If you are signed up to renew your membership by making a recurring payment, this can be cancelled at any time.  Please contact us and we will do this for you.  For some membership types you may be sent an email with a self-cancellation link

14. If you forget to cancel your recurring payment, we will issue a full refund for that payment and cancel your membership if you contact us within seven days of the payment being made requesting cancellation and a refund. You will also need to cancel the recurring fee.

15. You are not entitled to cancel your membership in any other circumstances, save at our discretion.  However, we will consider all applications to cancel and will not refuse to cancel unreasonably.

16. Landlord Law will not be liable to refund all or part of your membership fee, other than in the circumstances described in this cancellation and refunds section or in the sections on amendment of these terms and conditions, below.

Legal case work

17. Membership of Landlord Law does not entitle members to any ‘one to one’ advice or other services.  Any ‘one to one’ legal services provided via the site are at additional cost and will require payment in advance.

18. Landlord Law Services Ltd is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and therefore all legal services (other than advice services from Tessa Shepperson) will be provided by specialist landlord & tenant solicitors Anthony Gold. 

Note that although Anthony Gold will be providing legal services via the Landlord Law site, they are a separate organisation and not part of Landlord Law.  Landlord Law services Ltd will therefore not be liable for any issues that may arise in respect of any service provided by them. Note: It is the responsibility of Landlord Law members using our Document Generator Service, as data controllers, to ensure that you comply with all relevant data protection legislation.  In particular, you will need to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act 1998.  Further information can be found on the Information Commissioners website at  


19. Members will be provided with a user name and password to allow access to the Landlord Law website. You agree to keep these confidential and not to allow any other person to use them to access the Landlord Law service, unless specifically authorised by us.

20. During your membership period you are entitled to use the Landlord Law service according to your membership type, and, if your membership allows you access to them, print out any of the documents and forms on the site for your own use, use our document generator software to generate tenancy agreements and other documents and download and play the audios and any other multi media content on the site.

Termination of membership

21. Your membership and access to the site will be terminated automatically at the end of your membership period unless you have paid our renewal fee. If you still wish to use the service after your membership has been terminated you will need to re-join.

22. After your membership has been terminated you will no longer be able to access the saved documents in your My Documents section.

Membership fee increases

23. We reserve the right to change the membership fees from time to after giving you at least fourteen days notice. Any increased fee will only apply to you after your current membership period has expired. Any fee increase will not apply to the special membership type provided to annual members who joined before 15 December 2010 and who have had a continuous membership since that time.

Data protection

24. You consent to our keeping and using personal information provided by you for our own purposes, for example for contacting you with details of information which we believe may be of interest to you, and for compiling statistics for our records. Save as set out below, we will not pass any information we hold about you to any organisation outside Landlord Law without your consent unless we are obliged to do so by law.

25. We reserve the right to disclose membership details in the following circumstances

  • To any government or police officer who holds the necessary authority
  • To Anthony Gold solicitors if requested to do so by them in connection with any work they may be doing for you, or if they so require for a reason we consider reasonable*
  • Membership information will also be accessible by any contractors who may be employed by us to carry out maintenance or upgrade work on the Landlord Law site by reason of the work that they will be doing

26. Under the Data Protection Act, you may request details of personal information we hold about you. Please send any such requests to us at the address given above. If you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, please let us know and we will amend our records.

NB FInd out more about how we deal with your data on our Privacy page.

Note: It is the responsibility of Landlord Law members using our Document Generator Service, as data controllers, to ensure that you comply with all relevant data protection legislation.  In particular, you will need to be registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act 1998.  Further information can be found on the Information Commissioners website at  

Access to the Landlord Law service

27. It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer equipment and software are capable of receiving and using the Landlord Law service. We cannot be responsible for any problems you may encounter using the system.

28. Due to the nature of interactive Internet services, we cannot guarantee that your use of the Landlord Law online service will be free from interruption or errors.

29. We will not be responsible for any failure to provide the Landlord Law service if this failure is due to 'force majeure'. This means events beyond the control of Landlord Law such as (but not limited to): war (declared or undeclared), acts of god, terrorism, earthquake, accident, explosion, fire, flood, civil commotion, abnormal weather conditions, acts of government or other agencies, industrial disputes, and non availability of material.


30. We will always try to ensure that all material on the Landlord Law site is as accurate and valid as we can make it. However, you should note that the content of the Landlord Law site is for general information only and we cannot guarantee that the information and advice given will always apply to a specific situation, or that the documents and forms provided will always be the most suitable for your particular situation. The use you make of the information and services provided on site is your responsibility and we cannot accept liability for any problems resulting from your use of the Landlord Law service.

31. Likewise, any comments made or guidance given on the Landlord Law forum or comments sections should not be taken to be a complete answer, as they can only be based on the information given by you in your post or comment, which may not contain all material facts. Any comments or suggestions provided by us or any other Landlord Law members should not, therefore, be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified lawyer regarding any actual legal issue or dispute.


32. You acknowledge that the ownership and legal title and all intellectual property rights for all material on the Landlord Law site are either vested in us or are as described in the individual document or article.

33. You agree that you will not alter or remove from any Landlord Law material, any copyright information or Landlord Law logo or any other identification or information regarding the authorship of any part of the Landlord Law service.

34. The information and files on the Landlord Law site are for your personal use only. Reproduction and publication of any material on the Landlord Law web-site to third parties can only be done with our permission. If permission is granted this will be on the basis that you acknowledge the authorship of the material concerned. For the avoidance of doubt, we confirm that this clause does not affect your right, while you remain a member, to use the forms on the site for their normal purposes, or to download and listen to the audios, provided your membership type allows you access.

Responsible use of our service

35. You agree that you will use the Landlord Law service responsibly and in good faith, and that we may terminate your membership without notice if you do not. We would draw your attention in particular to the following situations which could result in your membership being terminated forthwith:

35.1. If your membership fee is not paid by you or pay pal or your bank or credit card company

35.2. If you allow other unauthorised people to use your user-name and password to access and use the Landlord Law service

35.3. If you copy or otherwise reproduce the material on-site for the use of non-members, particularly if you publish this for payment and/or if it results in misleading, derogatory or inaccurate representation of Landlord Law material

35.4. If you post any defamatory or offensive material on the members' forums or comments sections

Contact with you

36. We will communicate with you via email or by post, at the addresses (including email addresses) provided to us by you. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are kept informed of any changes in your postal and email address. 

Amendment of these terms and conditions

37. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time, and you will be notified of any changes via post or via the Landlord Law Newsletter. You will bound by the new terms and conditions after you have been advised of any changes, unless you contact us within seven days of the date of the letter or email, requesting us to cancel your membership. You will then be entitled to a refund of a proportionate part of your membership fee. Note if we have specifically agreed with you a variation to these terms and conditions, then this variation will continue to apply to your membership after amendment of the standard terms and conditions.


38. If you have any complaint about our service, please contact Tessa Shepperson by email at We will endeavour to respond to complaints within five working days.


39. You agree that these terms and conditions replace any previous terms and conditions which may have been agreed between us.

40. Your agreement with Landlord Law and these terms and conditions shall be subject to and governed by the law of England and Wales.

25 August 2017

* Our agreement with Anthony Gold includes a clause which ensures they will keep confidential any information they may obtain regarding Landlord Law members.



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