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FAQ on using the Landlord Law site

If you have a problem which is not answered here, please email us at info at and let us know.

There is a step by step guide to logging in >> here

Try the step by step guide first.  Otherwise see the information below.

See also our help section via the green button below right.


I have just joined but my login details have not arrived

These are normally sent out automatically by the system. Sometimes it takes longer for the email to arrive than usual. However if it has not arrived after about an hour, contact us giving the email address that you used to purchase the membership and the name given.

If you have been a member before however and have joined using the same email - use your former login details, Or, if you have forgotten them, email us and ask us to re-send them.

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I have received my login but I can’t get into the site

If you were a member in the past, before the service was moved to a new site in December 2010, and you have joined using the same email that you had then, there may be a problem with your membership being blocked. Contact us and we will deal with this for you.

Otherwise, you need to be sure that you are inputting the correct password. It is best to copy and paste the password you have received via the system. Sometimes errors are made if you try to copy it. Remember computers are stupid - you have to get things exactly right or they won’t work.

Make sure you read the Logging in help page.

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I have logged in but I can’t access any of the members only content.

The first thing to do is to refresh your browser and clear your cache. Your internet browser may be ‘remembering’ a time when you tried to access that page when you were logged out. Clearing the cache will fix this.

If that does not work, it may be that your membership has expired. Contact us and we will check for you.

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I am an original (pre December 2010) member - where do I renew?

We have a special type of membership for some of the people who were current annual members at the date our site was upgraded on 14 December 2010.  However this membership type is conditional upon you having maintained your membership since then (although a lapse of a few day's will not be fatal). 

The renewal buttons are only found in your My Landlord Law area, and therefore you can only renew this type of membership while you are still a member. 

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I have clicked to go to a page but it says I don't have access!  But I am a logged in member

First you need to check that you are actually logged in as a member.  See the other FAQ above and check the >> logging in guide carefully. 

If you are logged in properly and are able to access other members only content, it may be that the page is for a different type of membership. If you are logged in as a standard landlord member for example you will not be able to see the +plus members content.  You will need to upgrade your membership. 

If this is not the case, then please can you contact tessa @ giving details of the page you are trying to access and giving the url of the page where the link is, and we will check it for you.  Occasionally there are errors on the 'permissions' settings for a page, and it will not let in a particular type of member.  However this is easily changed provided we are told about it.  AND given the url of the page so we can find it.

Note also that sometimes, if you have previously been to a page when you were logged out and got th 'no access' message, if you go back there when you are logged in, your internet browser will, instead of actually going to the page and showing you the logged in version, will just show you the logged out page from its memory.

This is known as caching, and you may need to clear your cache before your internet browser will show you the page properly.  This is a very annoying problem.  Try refreshing the page several times.  Or if that does not work, try using a different internet browser.

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