Pre payment meter scam


This is where tenants have a pre payment meter at their property which is topped up using Paypoint or Payzone outlets.

The fraudster will knock at your door, offering discounted credits.  After taking your money, they will then use a cloned key to top up your meter, illegally.  So you will still owe the money to the energy company.

The scam is also called 'the milk round scam'.  

Meters made after April 2011 are safe as those keys don't work with them, but most meters are older than this.  

If  you are a landlord, you should warn your tenants about this scam.  Energy companies do not go door to door offering discounts on their top up meter products.

In May 2011, 180,000 incidents of pre-pay meter fraud were reported in the previous twelve months.


Never buy emergy for your pre payment meter from someone knocking at  your door.. 



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