At renewal do landlords need to do a complete new tenancy agreement?


Am I correct in thinking that an AST can be renewed on a 6 or 12 month renewal simply by agreeing new rent and length of lease on a separate sheet to be added to the original lease ?

Also why is it necessary for the Agent to print out another 30 page document for each renewal of the lease (with the same tenant)? Anon


Yes a tenancy can certainly be renewed.with a shorter form At Landlord Law we have a special renewal form that members can use. This creates a new fixed term and also provides for a new rent. All the terms of the original tenancy agreement will still apply.
However you should not use this agreement if you are unhappy about your original tenancy agreement, and it cannot be used if the parties have changed (ie if new tenants need to be added to the agreement). 5 August 2012



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