Would you like one of our suppliers pages?

If so please read the following information, and also the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Landlord Law Annual members

Suppliers pages are FREE OF CHARGE to annual members of Landlord Law (but not monthly members, sorry!). 

If you are an annual member and would like a page, read the terms and condtions below, and then complete the form you will find linked from the bottom of the page.

Non members (and monthly members)

A page is currently £75 pa plus VAT (currently 20%) payable in advance.

Extra banners

All suppliers can have a banner or banners on their own page.  There may also be the opportunty to have a banner in one of the supplier directory index pages for an additional charge.  If you would like this please enquire. However there is only limited space for these, so they are on a first come first served basis.

Please note the following points

Information about suppliers is confined to the suppliers section, and we do not promote individual suppliers elsewhere in the site. 

However we will often put a link to appropriate suppliers index pages from other parts of the site, for example the suppliers section is referenced quite a lot in the New Landlords Trail.

The following terms and conditions will apply to our suppliers service:

  1. All fees are payable in advance
  2. The free suppliers page for Landlord Law annual members will only be available where it is the business owner, or company director (or one of them) who is the Landlord Law member.
  3. The service being offered must be one which is relevant to landlords or tenants or people working in the private rented sector in some capacity.
  4. If you are offereing several unrelated services, they should each have their own page
  5. So far as suppliers of legal services are concerned, we will only accept suppliers which are solicitors firms, legal executives or licensed conveyancers.
  6. The wording on the suppliers page will be as provided by you, however we reserve the right to edit this, in consultation with you.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any supplier without giving a reason. If any supplier is refused, any payment made by them will be refunded in full
  8. We will also delete any suppliers entry if we receive complaints about the supplier or if it appears that the information provided on the suppliers page is misleading and/or inaccurate. A proportionate part of any suppliers fee paid will be refunded.
  9. We reserve the right to increase our fees (or impose fees) to existing suppliers for this service, upon giving not less than 28 days notice by email to the contact email address provided to us. However this will only affect future costs, and not the time on the site already purchased.
  10. If it is decided to make a charge to Landlord Law annual members, not less than 28 days notice will be provided and the charge will not be applied until the members membership renewal date.
  11. Once your suppliers page is online the fee is non refundable, other than as set out above.
  12. You will be invoiced for a further year at the end of your suppliers year.  However, you can cancel at that stage if you do not wish to renew. The page will be withdrawn if our renewal fee is not paid within 3 days after the end of your year, or (if you are a member) immediately after your membership ends, unless you pay our suppliers fee.

 These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

If you decide you would like a suppliers page, please complete >> this form here..  There is also a pay pal button you can use to pay for the form, if necessary. 



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