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InstructionsEvicting tenants through the courts just got easier - with the 'do it yourself' kit!

  • Do you need to evict your tenant NOW?
  • Are you strapped for cash or
  • Have you had a bad experience with an expensive or inefficient eviction company?

“I could probably do a better job myself” you may have said to yourself.


I’m Tessa Shepperson, I have had many years experience in  eviction work which I have now used to create this special step by step kit for you

Remember - if you don't use the courts you will be committing a criminal offence!

Bringing a clain for eviction through the courts is not hard. So long as you know what you are doing. Most landlords are perfectly capable of bringing their own claims with just a bit of help.  

"The judge awarded the property back to us within a couple of minutes at the hearing. I'd like to say how happy we were with the results and your advice - the kit is really good value for money" - Garry Webster, Landlord

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The four stages to eviction:

If you read all the eviction sites, they will all tell you that there are three stages to evicting a tenant.

BUT THEY’RE WRONG!   There are four stages!

The one they all miss out, is actually the most important - I call it analysis. And it comes first.

1. Anaylsis

There’s not a lot of point in bringing a claim for possession only to find when you get to court that you have used the wrong procedure.

On Landlord Law I have a guide to help you. Its called the ‘Which Possession Proceedings’ guide. It guides you by question and answer to the correct solution for your situation.

Its almost like having me sitting next to you!


Or, if your problem is a non paying tenant, I have a special section just for you! Its called the Rent Arrears Action Plan, and it provides help and guidance from the very first day your tenant defaults.

Along the way it explains everything you need to know, with checklists and letters to send to your tenant.

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After analysis, we move on to the second stage:

2. The possession notice

You need to be careful with possession notices - if you get them wrong you can lose your case at court.

However the Landlord Law notices have been used for years, both by me and by Landlord Law users, and they work.

At Landlord Law we have a special ‘document generator’ where you input your information and produce the perfect pdf notice. There are full instructions, but even if you get it slightly wrong, our specially drafted forms will protect your position.

Once the notice has been served, you need to think about going to court.

3. Court proceedings

This is where the Landlord Law service departs from all other services.

Because I give you DETAILED instructions (with pictures), not just on how to fill in the forms, but all the other things you need to know:

  • the supporting paperwork that you will need
  • warnings about what can go wrong
  • detailed descriptions about what happens after you issue your claim
  • how you prepare for attending court
  • what happens at court - what you do when you arrive, what you call the Judge, how the hearing is organised - that sort of thing

I have attended many court hearings in the past so I know from experience what you need to do. I give all that to you.

The kit also tells you when you SHOULDN’T do it yourself - sometimes you need a lawyer.

If this is necessary (and usually it won’t be) I have fixed fee services you can used to get the support you need.

Different types of claim

As you probably know there are different types of possession proceeding.

My kit gives instructions on how to use

  • the special ‘accelerated procedure’ used for claims under section 21, and
  • how to bring a claim using the ‘standard’ procedure where you have a court hearing.

The standard proceedings part of the kit is actually divided into four sections:

  • For ASTs and assured tenancies - claims based on non payment of rent and
  • claims based on section 21 for situations where you can’t use the accelerated procedure
  • For non regulated / common law tenancies - claims based on a Notice to Quit, and
  • forfeiture for non payment of rent

If your claim does not fall into one of these four categories, then you shouldn’t really be doing it yourself. You should be using one of our special recommended property litigation solicitors

Usually, after using my kit, you will get an order for possession. But what do you do if the tenant fails to move out?

3. Bailiffs

This is the final stage - crunch time.

You need to instruct the County Court bailiffs. I tell you how to do that, and also how to deal with claims by the tenant for more time.

And thats it!

Using the Do it Yourself Kit will give you:

  • Everything you need to evict your tenant CORRECTLY
  • Control over the process - so you can make sure it gets done PROMPTLY - if your tenant is not paying rent this is essential
  • One to one support if you need it (with a FREE consultation if you join as an annual +Plus member)
  • The CONFIDENCE to deal with troublesome tenants and
  • Peace of mind knowing that the Landlord Law service is there for you 24/7

In short - this kit will put YOU in the driving seat, and give you all the tools and guidance you need to evict your tenant promptly and efficiently

"The kit gave me all the advice I needed to successfully take action through the courts to gain access to my property. It all went very smoothly." - Paul Whiting, Landlord

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"Just to let you know we used your kit for the accelerated possession and it all worked out fine and we now have our property back.......THANK YOU." - Sally Keaveney, Landlord




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