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As a letting agent you will be expected by your clients to have a full and detailed knowledge of all legal matters relating to letting.

Many of you will have undertaken professional training and will be extremely knowledgeable particularly in the practical side of letting.  But you can't remember everything all the time!

The Landlord-Law site, written and run by specialist landlord & tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson, can serve as a useful reference tool, in addition to your other professional organisations and support services, and will save you time (and therefore money!).

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Nick Dardalis, letting agent : "A totally excellent site, full of things that I didn't know"

How Landlord Law can help you:

  • FAQ - quick answers to questions commonly asked by customers
  • Tenancy agreements - use our document generator software to produce professionally drafted tenancy agreements - we also have a version suitable for agents using TDS
  • The Rent Arrears Action Plan - help from day one if tenants fall into arrears of rent
  • The Which Possession Proceedings trail - use this to advise your clients on the most appropriate form of possession proceedings for their property
  • The members discussion forum for those tricky questions

You can join Landlord Law as a standard monthly member or take out our +Plus membership for landlords and advsors.  We would recommend the latter as it carries the following additional benefits:

If you join as an annual +Plus member we offer a free telephone consultation with Tessa Shepperson - limited to 30 minutes. Use this to discuss your tenancy problem and/or get advice about using the site (annual +Plus members only)

You will also get access to the tenants side of the site as well as the landlord information - helpful if you want to advise your tenants! 

Only the +Plus members can see our video content - particularly helpful for your trainees but useful for more experienced agents also

Finally, +Plus members can use our two 'do it yourself' possession claim kits - for accelerated possession proceedings and for possession claims based on rent arrears. 

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Robert and Jessica of Pineflat Ltd, letting agents, London: We found using landlord law to be good value for money, quick and effective

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