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Affordable help, giving you the support you need in a stressful job

As a housing advisor you will be under pressure to provide accurate advice in a rapidly changing legal environment. 

However, many advice organisations are under under financial pressure, and have little funding to spare for expensive training.

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Landlord Law can help

Written and run by specialist landlord and tenant lawyer Tessa Shepperson, it contains all the information you need to advise your clients with confidence.

Melvin Brown, Senior Legal Executive and Independent Consultant: "Well done for putting together such a wonderful and well equipped site and resources base!"

Our services include:

  • FAQ - quick answers to questions commonly asked by clients
  • Which tenancy trail - find out what type of tenancy they have - often their rights and obligations will depend upon this
  • Legal cases - if you need to research the law, these will help you.  Includes links to posts on property law blogs and sites plus the full report on BAILII
  • Q and A - see Tessa's answers to readers questions

David Lawrenson, property writer "Tessa’s Landlord-Law is one of only three providers of services that I reference in my own book. That’s because she is good and really knows her stuff

Landlord Law is also a social media site.

You can also

  • Discuss problems with other members in our members discussion forum
  • Make comments on individual FAQ and Q and A items - give your point of view!
  • Ask Tessa questions in the forum

LandlordThe Landlord / Advisor +Plus membership type

Landlord Law is divided into two halves.  The tenants half and the landlords half.  This enables us to address more directly the needs of either group. 

However as an advisor you will need access to both halves.  This is provided by the +Plus membership which has the following additional benefits:

  • the free half hour telephone advice (if you take up annual membership)
  • access to both landlords and tenants sides of the site
  • access to our video content - particularly helpful for new and trainee advisors
  • Access to our 'do it yourself' repossession guide

You can also subscribe to Landlord Law on a monthly basis but then you have to choose whether you want the landlord or the tenant side of the site, and you don't get access to the videos or the DIY eviction kit.  (Although monthly members can claim a free upgrade after five months)

Multi user membershipMulti user membership

This is particularly useful for organisations where several members of staff will need to use the service.  Pay full price for one member and the setup fee, and then all future members will cost just £36 (£30 plus VAT). 

Membership differs also in that if a member of staff leaves your employment, you can transfer the membership for a new member of staff.  Under standard membership terms and conditions the membership belongs to the member concerned rather than to the employer.

Try before you buy!

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Chris Freeman, Local Authority Housing Advisor "Almost always instant response to queries / comments - prepared to go that 'extra mile'. Value for money"



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