Occupation Types

To understand and know your rights as a landlord, or a tenant, you need to know what type of occupation you have: 

  • Is it a license or a tenancy?
  • If it is a tenancy - what type of tenancy is it?

You will probably know what occupation type you have - but if you don't, we have a diagnostic tool on the site:

>> The tenancy Trail.  

The tenancy trail is based very much on the statutory and legal definitions and the language is sometimes a bit formal.  Some people therefore prefer to use our other diagnostic trail (actually about tenancy agreements but which performs a similar function) which is a bit less complex:

>> The Which Tenancy Agreement Guide.

Once you know your occupation type:

You can find out a bit more about it by reading one of the articles below:

You will see the same index in the box on your right, which you will find with all the articles in this section.

The rules which govern tenancies, in particular as regards rent control, succession rights and especially eviction of tenants, vary according to the occupation type.  So this is something you need to know about and understand.

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