New Landlords Guide - finding a tenant


This is the most important part of letting.

At least 90% of all problems can be avoided if you have a decent tenant. You may decide therefore that the best solution is to use an agent simply to find the tenant, and to do the management yourself. This is a route taken by many landlords.

There are many opportunities via the internet nowadays.

If you prefer to use a traditional letting agent, you will find some guidance on this further on in this new landlord guide. Landlord-Law members will find a helpful article in our about Letting Agents content.

If you decide to find your tenant yourself, it is very important that all the proper credit checks are carried out and references followed up.  There are some helpful articles about this in the new landlords members only content.

Do not under any circumstances allow a tenant into possession of the property before these checks have been carried out, or before the first months rent and the tenancy deposit has cleared into your bank account!

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