New Landlords Guide


This open access guide is intended for new landlords (but may be useful to more experienced landlords) and will help you decide whether you should manage your properties yourself or whether you should use an agent. You will find links to sources of help and information as you go through the guide.

Many landlords let their property through a letting agent. This gives them peace of mind as the agent (they hope!) ensures that all the legal requirements are complied with, finds a tenant, and collects the rent. But they are expensive!

Consider the following:

  • The letting agency business is unregulated – most are good but some provide a poor service, a few are dreadful
  • There is no guarantee that a tenant found by an agent (even a good agent) will be any better than one found by you
  • Using a letting agent is no guarantee against tenants failing to pay rent

However is letting without an agent right for YOU?

Follow our guide to find out. It looks first at the different things which need to be done (preparing the property, finding a tenant, dealing with the paperwork) and then gives further guidance and information on using agents.

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