Multi User Membership


For companies and organisations

If you have a company or other organisation where there are several people who will want to use Landlord Law, you will need to set up a multi user membership.

Multi user membership will work as follows:

  • There must be a lead company member at all times.  This person will be our main contact and should be a reasonably senior member of your organisation.
  • Additional standard users can be added at a lower fee.
  • If any Landlord Law multi-user members leave your organisation, you can transfer their membership to another member of staff
  • Multiuser membership is only be available on an annual basis
  • Multi user members get the same access rights as +Plus members

If you would like a multi user membership for your organisation

Please email giving

  • the name and brief details of your company
  • the name and email address of the proposed lead company member
  • details of how many standard members you will require

Or complete the application form >> here

If we accept the company as a multi-user member (most companies will be acceptable) then we will:

  • Send you an invoice and application forms for the members to complete and return to us
  • Once we have received payment and the forms back, we will set up the group area and activate your membership.

The cost of multiuser membership is as follows:

  • The lead company member £225 pa (£187.50 plus VAT) pa
  • The setup cost £90 (£75 plus VAT)*
  • Then each additional standard member will be  £60 (£50 plus VAT) pa.

Membership will be reviewed and renewed annually.  If you wish to continue your multi user membership you will be invoiced for a further year for lead company member and all the standard members, plus an annual renewal fee of £60 (£50 plus VAT). 

*This is up to a membership limit of 25.  For larger organisations please apply for a quotation.

If you are interested >> click here for the application form

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