Terms and conditions for non member telephone advice service

If you want to purchase some telephone advice (including our 'HMO Hotline' telephone advice service), please can you read this page first. It sets out the terms and conditions under which we do this work. 

Then click the link at the bottom of the page to confirm that you agree. Please then follow the online instructions.

Note that none of the matters set on this page will affect your statutory rights.

The person doing the work

1.1 Your advice will be either be done by Tessa Shepperson or by a solicitor from Anthony Gold Solicitors. Once you have sent details of your problem, we will select the most appropriate lawyer for your problem and will email you and provide you with their details.

Note that the HMO Hotline Advice will be provided by a solicitor from Anthony Gold.

1.2. If your advice is done by a solicitor from Anthony Gold, the solicitor will be acting as our agent, and we will be responsible for the advice given. The solicitor will keep us informed of the advice given, to allow us to monitor our service. In these terms and conditions, when we refer to something we will nor will not do in connection with our service, this will include our solicitor agents.

Landlord Law Membership

2. Advice for non members comes with a free Landlord Law standard monthly membership (landlord or tenant as appropriate).  You will be sent an application form which we will require you to complete so we can set this up.  If you want to see the terms and conditions for membership, they are >> here

Note that if you apply for the HMO Hotline advice, which is a landlord / letting agent service, you will automatically be signed up to the Landlord membership.


3. If you are ever unhappy about any aspect of our service, please let us know. We have a complaints procedure page here where our complaints procedure is explained. 

Fixed fee work and costs

4. Please note the following regarding the telephone advice:

  • The advice will be given in one telephone call only
  • The call charges will be at your expense (i.e. you ring us), or use Skype
  • The advice to be provided at a time convenient to Tessa Shepperson or the solicitor at Anthony Gold giving the advice
  • However the advice will be provided as soon as possible after it has been requested, and normally no later than seven days at the most (normally it will be given immediately or within a day or so).
  • If the problem is too complex to give a complete answer during the telephone advice call, Tessa or the solicitor at Anthony Gold will give preliminary advice and a quotation (if appropriate) for further work.
  • The call may be recorded

5. The amount of the Landlord Law fixed fee may change from time to time, but this will only affect clients who instruct us after the information on the Landlord Law web-site has been changed to show the new fee.

6. Some clients may be eligible for free advice via the Legal Services Commission and others may have legal expenses insurance, so please check whether this applies to you before instructing us to do any work.  No refunds can be made if you later discover that  you could have obtained the advice for free elsewhere.

7. The fixed fee for the Landlord Law telephone advice service is payable in advance, and no work will be done until the fee has been paid. If payment is made by cheque, we reserve the right to delay work until the cheque has cleared.

Subsequent work

8. If any further work is done by Anthony Gold outside than the fixed fee advice, the following will apply:

8.1 Anthony Gold will no longer be acting as our agent, and any agreement regarding fees and the nature of the work to be done will be between you and Anthony Gold, and will not involve Landlord Law or Tessa Shepperson.

8.2. However you agree to let us know if we ask you, if you are using Anthony Gold for any further work, and to give us feedback on how satisfied you are with the service provided

8.3. However, if any problem arises in respect of the work done by Anthony Gold, then Landlord Law and Tessa Shepperson cannot be held liable you will need to resolve this with them direct.

Cancelling your order

9. You have the right to cancel your instructions under Consumer Regulations for up to 14 days after you have placed your order provided the advice call has not yet taken place.  For this reason your advice call will not take place until after this period has ended, unless you have clicked the box on the form to confirm that you agree to waive your cancellation rights for work carried out within the 14 day cancellation period.

Our service and other matters

10.  Note that Landlord Law is not a solicitors firm and therefore although Tessa Shepperson is a lawyer she will not be advising as a regulated solicitor. Anthony Gold however are a solicitors practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation authority number 48050.  Both Tessa Shepperson and Anthony Gold have professional indemnity insurance.

11. We (or Anthony Gold) will provide advice and legal services to you with reasonable skill and care and we acknowledge that (subject to the other exclusions and limitations in these Terms) we will be liable to you for losses, damages, costs or expenses (“Losses”) caused by our willful default.

12. Our responsibility shall only extend to the advice and services we provide on matters upon which you have actually instructed us. We rely upon you for the accuracy of the information and/or documentation you provide. We will not be liable to you for any Losses caused wholly or in part by the provision by you of false, misleading or incomplete information or documentation or due to the acts or omissions of any persons other than this firm or arising from any cause beyond our reasonable control.

13. Your rights in respect of any breach on our part in respect of work done by us for you, shall only be enforceable if notice in writing giving all material details of any claim shall have been given to us within two years of the date our Landlord Law instruction form is emailed to us.

14. Any liability we may have (whether to you or anyone else, and however it arises), shall exclude, any indirect or consequential economic loss or damage (including loss of profits) suffered by you or any third party arising from, or in connection with, the work done for you, however the indirect or consequential economic loss or damage is caused, including our negligence but not our willful default.

15. Nothing in this section of these terms shall impose on us any liability of any kind or for any amount which we would not have but for this section. Nothing in this section  shall have the effect of restricting our liability in respect of any kind of loss, damage or liability which cannot or must not be excluded or limited under English law.

16. Nothing in this agreement shall benefit any third party and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply.

17. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 we may be obliged, without telling you first, to make a disclosure to the National Criminal Intelligence Service (or equivalent organisation) unless it is information received so that advice may be given about it or unless it comprises the advice itself (privileged information). We therefore reserve the right to give such NCIS notices as we consider appropriate without notice to or discussion with you.

18. The agreement between us is subject to English law, and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts if there is any dispute between us which involves court proceedings.

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