Special Deals for Members

This page sets out the benefits we have negotiated with other companies for Landlord Law Members :

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Anthony Gold

All members can get 1/2 hour telephone advice with our associated solicitors Anthony Gold for £80.  Non members can get the same service for £95.  

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Landlord Action

Landlord Law members can get a £30 discount off their first invoice with Landlord Action if they use our special form.  

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Landlord Law members can get £40 off their first 'tenant find' package with UPAD.  Click the link in the banner on this page (only visible to logged in members).

DIY Legionella Risk Assessments

A service provided by the Legionella Risk Assessment Register.  Landlord Law members can use this for £9.95 as opposed to the normal price of £19.95.

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YourBuy2Let.com extended free trial

This is a new service, developed by landlord Mark Croston to manage properties in the cloud.  Mark has agreed to let Landlord Law members have an extended free trial - sign up to this here.

Deposit Error Repair Kit

This is my kit to assist landlords who have failed to protect the tenancy deposit (unfortunately still a common problem).  Landlord Law members can buy this at a 30% discount this page.



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