Welwyn Hatfield Council


Landlord's Forum : NO
Deposit Guarantees : YES
Accreditation pilot : NO

Advice Services:
Telephone the main switchboard on (01707) 357000 and ask for housing advice. NOte that there is a local Shelter office on Tel: (01707) 256 256

Homelessness Officer:
The Housing Needs Team :
16 St. Albans Road East, Hatfield, AL10 0EL
Tel: 01707 357 000
Fax: 01707 357 937
· Our Housing Advisory Teams deal with all Housing Needs Register applications.
· They can also give advice to those threatened with homelessness, and make nominations to temporary and Housing Association accommodation.

Deposit guarantee/bond:
There is a GAP scheme that operates in certain circumstances. Please contact the Housing Needs Manager, Rebecca Hillman (address above) for more details.

Landlord's Forum:
Not known


Repairs/Standards/HMO Regulations contact:
Telephone the main switchboard on (01707) 357000 and ask for Enviromental Health, private sector landlords.

Note: The information on this page has been compiled from the local authority web-site.



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