Slough Borough Council


Landlord's Forum : YES
Deposit Guarantees : YES
Accreditation pilot : YES

Advice Services:
There are two Housing Advisor posts (one currently vacant). Advisors provide services to both landlords and tenants.
Sharon May : Tel.01753 787853 : e-mail
The Housing Advice Manager is Mrs. Herbakhsh (Herbie) Mann : Tel.01753 787851 : e-mail
The services provided include: -
* A landlord lettings pack
* Information on the rights and obligations of both landlords and tenants
* Advocacy
* Advice on prosecution or taking on a prosecution where other remedies fail and the law is clearly broken.

Homelessness Officer:
There are four Homeless Officers who may be contacted on Tel: 01753 787852 / 787855 / 787852.
The Homeless Manager is also Herbie Mann (details above).

Deposit guarantee/bond:
The Housing Needs team operate a deposit loan scheme as a means of preventing homelessness. Households who are in a priority need category can be offered a loan to help them secure a home in the private rented sector. This includes the first month's rent and a further month's rent as a deposit. The landlord must agree to repay the deposit at the end of the term, less any agreed deductions. The tenant pays a small amount to us each week and we settle any under or over payments at the end of the term. Leaflets on this scheme are currently being re-printed but a copy can be forwarded through one of the Housing Advisors or Herbie Mann.

Landlord's Forum:
A landlord's forum has been held periodically in this area for the last 4-5 years, although the last occasion was in April 2002. Following many changes within, and others impacting upon, the Private Sector Housing team over the last year we are hoping to resume landlord’s fora during 2003.

A landlord's accreditation scheme for Slough, " The Private Sector Partnership Scheme " is being reviewed and will be re-launched during 2003.

Repairs/Standards/HMO Regulations contact:
Private Sector Housing incorporates a small team of officers dealing with HMOs and private sector repair issues.
These officers may be contacted on Tel. 01753 875264, and individual officers, as below: -
Nigel Parsons: Tel. 01753 875261: e-mail
Eddie Bigus: Tel. 01753 875253: e-mail
Sammy Chan: Tel. 01753 875266: e-mail
Ian Kinrade: Tel. 01753 875565: e-mail



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