North Dorset District Council


Landlord's Forum : NO
Deposit Guarantees : NO
Accreditation pilot : NO

Advice Services:
Advice is given to landlords and tenants by all members of the Housing Services Team
Contact Customer Services - ask for housing services
Tel: (01258) 484385

Homelessness Officer:
Homeless Officers can be contacted on 01258 484320 during normal office hours

Deposit guarantee/bond:
There is a bond scheme in operation at present and a rent deposit scheme will be launched shortly.

Landlord's Forum:
The landlords forum folded approx. 5 years ago but there are discussions to form a new one

There is no landlords accreditation scheme currently in North Dorset

Repairs/Standards/HMO Regulations contact:
Environmental Health section (Mr. S. March) who deals with the repair problems
Tel: (01258) 484381 E-mail:


Note: The information on this page has been compiled from the local authority web-site.




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