Chelmsford Borough Council


Landlord's Forum : NO
Deposit Guarantees : YES
Accreditation : NO

Advice Services:

For help in person, please visit:
Housing Reception, on the ground floor of the Civic Centre in Coval Lane, Chelmsford. The Housing Reception is open from 8:45am to 4:45pm on Monday to Thursday and from 8:45am to 4:15pm on Fridays.
If possible it is advisable to have an appointment to ensure that an advisor is available to assist you.
By telephone:
To speak with a Community Advice Officer, please call:
(01245) 606381
(01245) 606228
Our switchboard hours are Monday to Thursday, 8:45am to 5:15pm and Fridays 8:45am to 4:45pm
Write to us at:
Strategic Housing and Environmental Services, Chelmsford Borough Council, Civic Centre, Chelmsford, CM1 1JE
E-mail us:

Homelessness Officer:
In an emergency homeless situation, if you are roofless, come to the Coval Lane Reception in Chelmsford which is open Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 4.45pm and Friday 8.45am to 4.15pm In an emergency homeless situation out of office hours you should contact (01245) 606644.

Otherwise, if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness in the next 28 days and have no other housing options, you should contact our Community Advice Team to arrange an interview on:
(01245) 606229
(01245) 606228
(01245) 606381
(01245) 606336
Or you can email:

Deposit guarantee/bond:
Contact as in advice above.

Landlord's Forum:


Repairs/Standards/HMO Regulations contact:
please contact the Private Sector Housing Team on ?01245 606258 or 01245 606962.
Alternatively, you can email us at


Note: The information on this page has been compiled from the local authority web-site.



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