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Use this directory to find out what services are provided by your local authority for the private residential sector (eg advice, landlords forums, deposit guarantee schemes, etc), and for contact details. Note - where the information has been complied from the LA web-site, they may offer more services than we have been able to ascertain. Some local authorites may not appear, eg if we cannot find a web-site for them.

Note that some entries may be out of date. The directory was first compiled several years ago now, and updating it is a long and slow job.

Local authorities are listed aphabetically.

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Further information

It is often not appreciated that Local Authorities ("LAs") provide a considerable number of services to the private residential sector. This directory will give details of some of the services offered and provide contact details.

The entries are laid out as follows:

  • The top section This states whether the LA offers a landlords forum, a deposit guarantee scheme, and/or an accreditation scheme.
  • Advice Services. Most LAs provide general housing advice to landlords and tenants in their area. However the number of advisors and the level of the service on offer will vary considerably from LA to LA.
  • Homelessness advice. All LAs have a statutory duty under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996 and the Homelessness Act 2002 to investigate all cases where someone contacts them requesting assistance, to see if that person is either homeless or threatened with homelessness, within 28 days. Some people (mainly families with children) will be deemed to be in 'priority need' and will be entitled to be re-housed. Anyone facing eviction who will have difficulty being re-housed, should contact their local authority for assistance.
  • Tenancy deposit/bond guarantee. In order to assist homeless people obtain accommodation, many local authorities will provide a guarantee for the tenancy deposit which private residential landlords will normally require to be paid in advance. Others may have an arrangement with a local organisation who to offer this service
  • Landlord's Forum. Many local authorities wish to encourage private landlords in their area, and have set up forums to provide a channel of communication between the LA and the local private sector landlords. Landlords are advised to participate in forums if there is one in their area, particularly if they let a number of properties.
  • Accreditation. Some local authorities have set up accreditation schemes, often in association with local landlords associations or with colleges and universities, to improve the standards of private sector housing in their area. Tenants can be reasonably sure that accommodation provided by landlords who are accredited will meet certain standards.
  • Repairs/standards/HMO regulations. All LAs have a statutory duty to ensure that housing in their area meets certain minimum standards. This function is generally either dealt with by the Environmental Health section of the LA or by a special 'Private Sector Housing' section. They will inspect properties referred to them, and if it fails to meet certain standards, can serve an improvement order on the landlord. If a property is an HMO (house in multiple occupation) then the LA will have additional regulatory duties, including running the mandatory licensing scheme.
  • Website. A the bottom of the page you will find a link to all the LA web-sites, and also sometimes to special housing web-site (if there is one). Note that all of these web-site will open in a new window.

In all cases we will happily add to or change the information provided, if we are contacted by the relevant LA's. There are mailto links on each page of the directory (on the right), and on this page, for this purpose, and for general feedback.



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