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What about very short lets?

Normally properties are let for a period of either six months or a year. However this is just convention. There is no legal rule which says that tenancies have to be for these periods. You can have a tenancy for any period of time you want, including a very short period of time.

Normally very short lets of property are for holidays. Under the Housing Act 1988 "a tenancy the purpose of which is to confer on the tenant the right to occupy the dwelling-house for a holiday" will not be an assured or assured tenancy.

However if the purpose of the tenancy is not to provide a holiday home, then the tenancy will be a normal AST. The only difference will be that the tenant will have the right to leave the property earlier. If the fixed term is for two weeks, the tenant can move out after two weeks. If the fixed term is for two months, the tenant can move out after two months. (Although the landlord will not have the right to evict after two weeks or two months, eviction under any sort of tenancy agreement can only be after obtaining a court order for possession.)

If you want to give a short let to your tenant, then any of the Landlord-Law AST agreements can be used (although some may be less appropriate that others).

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