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Allowing your tenant to keep a pet

Most landlords forbid pets as standard, worried about the possible damage that dogs and cats can do to their property. However provided the owner is responsible and looks after their pet properly, giving proper training where necessary, you are unlikley to encounter any problems.

As about 40% of the population keep a pet, you are more likely to find a tenant if you permit pets.

To make things easier for you, we have developed a special agreement and information form for when you allow tenants to keep pets. This has with fields for details about the pets, their vet and the name and address of someone who will look after them in case of emergency (very important!).

The form also incudes special clauses setting out the tenants responsibilities. For example to care for their pet properly, not to leave it unattended for long periods, and for dogs and cats to be microchipped.  

This form can be used with all tenancy agreements as when it has been signed as agreed by all parties it will amend your tenancy agreement. The pet form can be found with the tennacy agreements.

For more information about letting to tenants with pets, please see our >> article here (members only).

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