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You should now know broadly which type of tenancy you have and the type of tenancy agreement you should use. (If you are still unsure, Landlord Law members can ask questions in the member's discussion forum).

This page looks at the wide variety of additional options which are available within the Landlord Law range of tenancy agreements.

Most Landlord Law agreement types are provided with a monthly and (sometimes) weekly rent option.  However, as well as the standard agreement format (for the relevant type) we have (apart from the company let agreement) a number of variations appropriate for specific circumstances. 

England v. Wales

We now have different tenancy agreements for England and Wales.  This is because there are now various regulations - in particular, regarding right to rent checks and smoke alarms - which apply only in England.  

The difference between Wales and England will become yet more significant after the Renting Homes Bill becomes law and comes into force as this will prescribe statutory forms for tenancy agreements in Wales.  

Tenancy agreement variations & forms - to be used when:

Additional flexibility - customise your agreement

Payment clauses: Note that all our agreements allow members to specify the manner of payment (eg by standing order, cheque, lump payments on specific days, cash on a Thursday etc). 

Other clauses: All tenancies also have an 'additional clauses' section where you can add your own clauses or use one of the precedents on our additional clauses page.  These include for example break clauses and clauses to allow access for a gardener. 

If the clause you want is not on our extra clauses page, you can ask in the forum and in most cases we will draft one and put it online for you.

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