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Further information: Where you will be paying all or most of the bills at the property

In most tenancy agreements, certainly in the majority of our Type A tenancies, the landlord will expect the tenants to pay their own bills - for example utility bills and (where appropriate) Council tax.

However, sometimes landlords will want to provide an 'all inclusive' rental service and will pay these bills so their tenants don't have to.  This is quite common for example where the landlord is renting out rooms in a shared house.

We have a special Landlord Law tenancy agreement type for this situation. In it the landlord lists all the bills he will be paying, and the tenants will remain responsible for the rest.

The agreement also provides for the rent to be increased if the landlord's bills total exceeds the  'bills allowance' set out in the tenancy agreement.  However, he must provide the tenants with proof of this, if they ask for it.

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