Which tenancy agreement guide


Tenancy Agreements: Everyone tells you that you have to use the correct form, but how do you find which is best for YOUR needs?

Most tenancies are assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs), but this is not always the case. Even if a tenancy is an AST, there are different types, which again, should be reflected in the agreement used.

How do you know which one is appropriate for your property?

The answer is this free 'Which Tenancy Agreement?' guide, which by a series of questions and answers, will help you select the correct document for your tenancy type.

The answer pages will then link to pages where you can create the correct tenancy type for you - but those pages are members only! 

This guide however is open to both members and non members of Landlord-Law. The tenancy agreements referred to are those provided by Landlord Law, but the guide will also be helpful even if you are not planning on using our agreements.

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