How Landlord Law can help you if you are a landlord


Landlords logoMaking life easier for you, and helping you comply with the law

  • Imagine that you know all about the regulations and law relating to property renting.
  • That you are able to produce unlimited professionally drafted tenancy agreements and forms for your tenants and business, and
  • You know just what to do if your tenant stops paying rent or behaves badly.

YOU would be in control. You would know what to do and when to do it, AND you would have the right form!

It is this knowledge and control which Landlord Law gives you. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced landlord, Landlord Law can help. 

If you are a member you get:

  • online information - such as articles, FAQ and tips
  • unlimited tenancy agreements, possession notices and letters
  • the right to use the members discussion forum, where you can ask me questions on those tricky situations which don’t fit into the normal scheme of things

If you join as an ANNUAL member, you also get:

  • a free telephone advice session
  • Access to our do it yourself online kits for bringing a claim for repossession
  • Access to our video content

Landlord Law has been online since November 2001 and has helped literally thousands of landlords since that time.  It can help you too.  Why not >> join us

 "The Landlord Law web site is easy to use and incredibly informative" Warren O'Driscol, Landlord

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Tenancy agreements

All landlords need to give a tenancy agreement to their tenant. It is important that it is professionally drafted and is the correct type for your situation.

At Landlord Law you can:

  • Use our Which Tenancy Agreement guide to work out which tenancy type you need
  • Then use my special document generator service to create a unique tenancy agreement for your tenancy.  As often as you like.

The system allows you to customise the forms to suit your circumstances - for example regarding the length of the fixed term, how the tenant pays rent, it even lets you add your own special clauses and house rules

You need to be careful about customising forms however as if you are not careful you can inadvertently invalidate the very clause you are trying to adapt. So there is extensive online help on this, plus you can ask me a question in the forum. Or even get me to draft up a clause specially for you.

"I love how clear and easy to understand your tenancy agreements are"  Mo B, Landlord, Clapham


Problem tenants

Rent problems: The biggest problem that landlords have is tenants failing to pay rent. I have a special section just on this, called the Rent Arrears Action Plan, which tells you exactly what to do from day one.

The plan also includes letters, checklists, possession notices and preliminary advice on bringing a court claim for possession.  You also get to use my special kit A for landlords, which gives you everything you need to get a County Court judgement for unpaid rent. 

Annual members only can also use the special 'do it yourself' litigation kits.  These tell you all you need to know to bring a claim for possession (1) based on rent arrears and (2) using the special accelerated procedure.

Annual members can also view the new video content which is being developed on the site.

Other problems: With problem tenants generally, if you are not able to resolve things amicably, the only solution is to evict those tenants and start again.

At Landlord Law I have a Which Possession Proceedings section which looks at all the different types of problem which can arise, and gives advice on the options available to you. It is almost as if I were sitting beside you giving advice.

The answer pages include information about the correct notice to serve, the type of claim you would need to bring, and details about my eviction service and do it yourself kits

"This web site is brilliant. It has put my mind at rest knowing that I can find information quickly and easily and is well worth the annual subscription fee" H Slade, Landlord

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 General information

The business of renting property is littered with regulations, rules, codes, and red tape galore.

  • How can you be sure that you are doing things correctly?
  • How can you be sure that you are not inadvertently breaking the law in some way?

As a solicitor working in residential landlord and tenant law for over 20 years, I have a lot of experience and have answered a lot of questions in my time. I have distilled this knolwedge into my FAQ, which are answers to standard questions that I get asked all the time.

The FAQ, which cover all relevant areas of law and practice, are extremely popular and are a good way to get quick answers to standard problems and situations.

There are also

  • articles,
  • special information sections (such as the Rent Arrears Action Plan referred to above), and
  • answers to past Q&A questions

Then, if you STILL can’t find the answer to your problem, you can ask me a question in the members discussion forum.

"I joined Landlord Law only yesterday and I think you may have saved me the cost of my subscription already" RD, Landlord


Joining Landlord Law

You have several choices

  • standard membership, or
  • +Plus membership (payable annually  or 6 monthly).

As a standard landlord member you get access to the standard landlord content - the tenancy agreements, FAQ and trails, and are able to create our forms using the document generator.  Monthly membership is more affordable at just £20 per month, and after five months you can request an upgrade to +Plus membership at no extra charge

However if you join as a +Plus member

  • You get 12 months for the price of 9 (25% discount) - if you pay annually
  • You will have access to more content - you will be able to see the tenants side of the site in addition to the standard landlord content,
  • Use of the special do it yourself repossession kits
  • Plus have access to the video content (which is being developed),
  • Plus you are entitled to a free 30 minute telephone advice call with me, Tessa Shepperson (annual +Plus members only)

There are also two ways you can join:

Online: Most people use the online procedure as it is so quick and easy.  You normally get almost instant access!  You can join either as a standard monthly member at £20 per month or as an annual or six month +Plus member for £180 or £96. For monthly members, online is the only option.

You make your payment first via pay pal and then you are emailed your login details which give you access to the members only part of the site.  You will also be emailed a VAT receipt as part of the online joining process.

Offline: Some people are unhappy about using paypal or sometimes it is not supported by business accounts departments.

If this applies to you, then you can join via our offline procedure. Here we will invoice you, send you an application form, and then once payment and form have been received here, we will activate your membership manually.

As this involves quite a bit more work, there is a non refundable administration fee of £20. The offline procedure is only available for annual membership.  Businesses should also check out our >> Mulit User membership option.

More information

Landlord Law is a huge site and it is difficult to summarise it concisely on a page such as this.  If you are not sure whether you want to join now, the best thing to do is to just explore the site.  If you have made up your mind, though, why not

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"We have been with you since 2006 and love the site - gives us massive confidence as landlords, and it makes a huge difference having a real person fronting it rather than a faceless company name" Ian Cosier, landlord"

 If you are still not sure and would like some more information about the site, you can:

  • Explore the site a bit more - why not watch our help videos
  • Take a look at our >> Services Guide for a complete list of services and a price comparison, or
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