Landlord Law Video Content


This page contains a list of the Video Content currently available on the Landlord Law site.  Although this page can be accessed by anyone, most of the videos can only be accessed and viewed if you are a logged in +Plus member*. 

Help videos

These are all open access and can be viewed by anyone.

You will find them scattered around the site.

Cleaning Videos

These have been provided by Joanna White of Property Principles and give detailed guidance on cleaning all areas of a rented property. 

Pages are all linked from >> here.

Landlord Law Conference

Film footage of our 2013-4 Conferences together with speakers notes

Pages are all linked from >> here

Sue Lukes on Right to Rent from Conference 2015

In view of the introduction of Right to Rent in England from 1 Feb 2016 we have made this available to +Plus members.  It is >> here.

Videos on Paperwork

These will be particularly helpful for new landlords

You can see these all >> here

Increasing rent:

Make sure you are increasing rent the proper way

You can see all these >> here

Eviction hearings

This is a recording of Martyn Ashely-Taylor's talk to the Landlord Law Conference 2014. I strongly advise anyone considering bringing proceedings for possession to watch this - particularly if you are intended to use the rent arrears ground.

You can see it >> here.




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