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Are you struggling to find the RIGHT tenancy agreement for your situation?  

Most companies just provide a few types of tenancy agreement - but they will not suit all situations.  What if your tenancy is different?

Or maybe you need more than one type of agreement?  Or need to create lots of tenancy agreements?

Imagine having:

  • Unlimited tenancy agreements & landlord forms
  • Over 30 different templates to choose from (and online help in choosing the right one)
  • Be able to put whatever fixed term you wish and specify how the rent is to be paid
  • The ability to add your own clauses to tenancy agreements, and
  • Re-create new tenancies using the same information, and
  • Create tenancy agreement pdf forms you can download to your computer and email out to your tenants,
  • Special clauses to protect your position under the right to rent rules, plus
  • Lots of information on tenancy agreement law 

This is what you get as standard, if you join Landlord Law (along with all our other services).

Note - separate tenancy agreements are now provided for England and Wales to take account of the different regulations applying in England, including special clauses to protect English landlords under the right to rent check rules.

If this interests you - read on!

About our tenancy agreements service:

Not every tenancy is the same, so why should every tenancy agreement be the same?  One size does NOT fit all.

Using the wrong tenancy agreement type can cause confusion and may affect your legal rights. 

Here at Landlord Law we have over 30 different tenancy agreement templates to suit the different types of tenancy which exist.  Many of them are based on requests received from our members.  

Extensive online help is provided to help you select the correct agreement for you.  And if you have any questions, you can ask Tessa in the members forum - for example if you need special clauses in your tenancy agreement or if you have any legal questions.

** Jargon free** All our agreements are written in a plain English style, making it easier for you and your tenants to understand them (note - if your tenants are so confused by the jargon in your tenancy agreement - how can you expect them to do what it says?)

 "I have used the Landlord Law website for around the past 6 years.  I find the clear non jargon tenancy agreements very easy to use and my tenants also seem to like them due to their simplicity" Louise Solomon, Landlord

"my tenants were full of praise for the clear, readable language of your AST." GM, Landlord"

Note however that we do not sell individual tenancy agreements to customers. Our tenancy agreements are available to our Landlord Law members are part of their membership.

Our tenancy agreement service works as follows:

1. Follow the Which Tenancy Agreement Trail.  You do not need to be a member to do this.  The tenancy agreement trail will help guide you to the correct type of agreement for your situation. 

2. Join Landlord Law (if you are not already a member).  Membership starts at £25 per calendar month  Join now!

3. Find the tenancy agreement type you wish to use in our tenancy agreements section and click the generate document icon. 

4. Complete the form.  This will tell our document generator software what information to insert into the tenancy agreement template.  Instructions are given on the form. 

There are also a number of fields where you can add extra information, for example if you want your tenant to pay rent by a non standard method, or want to add extra tenancy agreement clauses.

We also have a page with draft additional clauses for you to use.  If the one you want is not there, Tessa will often draft one up especially for you, if you ask her in the members discussion forum.

5. Generate the the document.  You do this by clicking the create tenancy button.  The software will then create a tenancy agreement based on your instructions.

6. View the completed tenancy agreement in your 'My Documents' area.  Here you can download the pdf or click a button to go back and edit your information if you find you have made a mistake.  (Note that you can also re-use the same information to create a completely new agreement, based on the information inputted - for example, if you run an HMO and want to issue several identical tenancy agreements with different tenants names)

7. Note that we also have special forms you can use to amend tenancy agreements if you agree to allow tenants to keep a pet, run a home business at the property or rent a room to a lodger. The forms incorporate special terms and conditions into the tenancy agreement to protect your position in these circumstances.

You can see an example of one of our tenancy agreements here (it will open in a new tab or window).  However this is one of our older versions - the forms have been updated since this to take account the right to rent rules and other new legislation.

 "The tenancy agreements and notices are spot on". Christian Douthwaite, Landlord

The different types of tenancy agreement available include:

  • the 'bog standard' Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) - this is our most popular agreement
  • the agreements are suitable for use with all deposit schemes
  • tenancy agreement for a room in a shared house - here tenants have an individual agreement for their own room and share facilities with the other tenants
  • tenancy agreement where the landlord pays  the bills - this was provided at the request of one of our members - it allows you to set out all the bills you will be paying so there is no misunderstanding (and change the rent if the bill sums increase)
  • resident landlord agreement - this is not an AST so a different form is needed
  • combined tenancy agreement and guarantee (we have a separate guarantee deed as well)
  • periodic tenancy - any of our forms can be used if you want to set up a periodic tenancy 
  • special agreements for student lets - these deal with the problems of dealing with the summer vacation and also the potential problem of students not moving out
  • special pets agreements and information form for lettings where the tenant is allowed to keep a pet - many pet owners make excellent tenants but find it hard to find accommodation.  This form, which can be used with all the tenancy agreements, has special clauses to protect your position
  • a company let agreement - this cannot be an AST so a special type of agreement is required
  • renewal form - save paper by using this if the same tenants are staying on and you just need to renew the term and perhaps increase the rent

There are also versions of these for both weekly and monthly tenants, and many tenancies have a combination of the above.

Note - if you find the agreements are not suitable for you - we have a 30 day  'No Quibble' Moneyback Guarantee.  

CSH "I am so grateful to have found you and your website. It made me realise that the AST's and other documentation I'd had drawn up for my company were inadequate despite paying a considerable sum to get them done."  Sandra Savaage-Fisher, QuaLETy Ltd, letting agent




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