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Tessa has been writing the Landlord Law Blog since February 2006 and it has a wealth of information.  Here are links to pages where Landlord Law members can find the most helpful posts giving tips and guidance on landlord and tenant law and practice.

Most of the posts are by Tessa but there are a few from guest bloggers (mostly Ben Reeve Lewis).

>> About Letting Agents - tips to help landlords and tenants who are unfortunate enough to enounter a bad letting agent

>> Eviction - lots of posts to help both landlords and tenants cope with this

>> General legal - posts which are not specifically about tenancy matters

>> General tenancy - general posts on legal issues relating to tenancies

>> Harassment / unlawful eviction - mostly posts written for tenants plus a few case reports

>> Health and safety - posts on landlords obligations and advice to tenants

>> HMOs and shared properties - there are special rules for HMOs which throw up special problems plus all the issues which arise when tenants share

>> Miscellaneous - the posts that did not seem to fit any of the other categories

>> Rent - guidance for both landlords and tenants on this important subject

>> Repair / disrepair - this is a big problem for many of our tenant members

>> Tenancy agreements - guidance and practical help

>> Tenancy deposits - less than might be expected as posts which will  be affected by the forthcoming rule changes have not been included



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