Landlord Action service to Landlord Law Members

Landlord ActionMost landlords are aware of Landlord Action.  This is the pioneering service set up by Paul Shamplina in 1999, and the first legal service to offer fixed fees to landlords for eviction work.

Described as 'a blessing to landlords' it has served the landlord community ever since.

Landlord Action provide the following services:

  • Their famous three stage eviction service which consists of: service of notices / court order / bailiffs eviction
  • Debt recovery
  • Squatter eviction

Discount to Landlord Law Members

Landlord Action will give a £30 credit to any Landlord Law  member who contacts them via our enquiry form.  This discount is only available once per client and will be credited to the first invoice.

However you will first need to join Landlord Law, as a +Plus member.

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