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Save time and work more efficiently

Landlord Law has always had a strong membership among solicitors and other lawyers.  In the legal world today, lawyers are increasingly having to specialise.  If the work that you do touches landlord and tenant work in any way, it is very helpful to have a reliable source of information at your fingertips.

For example:

  • If you do matrimonial work, many of your clients will be renting property and will look to you for advice
  • If you do conveyancing, you will often act for buy to let landlords, who may expect advice on their legal rights and obligations
  • If you do litigation, you will have clients wanting to bring claims relating to their rented property

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The site is run and largely written by Tessa Shepperson,a lawyer of over 20 years experience, so you can use it with confidence.

(Note that Tessa is now running this site as a 'non practicing solicitor' - she ran her own specialist landlord and tenant law firm for 19 years until closing it down in 2013 to concentrate on running this site and doing training work).

Andrew Gullett, Solicitor: "As a solicitor specialising in housing law, it helps to have your site as an on-line resource and reference tool"

Our services

The following will be particularly useful to busy lawyers!

  • FAQ - quick answers to common questions clients may ask
  • The tenancy trail - find out what type of tenancy your client has (essential as their rights will depend on this)
  • Our do it yourself kits - you know how to do it really, but sometimes it is helpful to have a guide to remind you
  • Forms - tenancy agreements, possession notices, rent increase notices - they are all here
  • Legal cases - residential landlord and tenant cases only - a brief report with links to BAILII and reports of the case on property law blogs and other legal sites

The Landlord / advisor +Plus membership

Landlord Law is divided into two halves. If you subscribe to our monthly membership you have to decide which side of the site you require.  However as a solicitor this is not suitable for you as you will need to be able to advise both landlords and tenants.  We therefore we recommend that you take out a +plus membership. 

This carries the following benefits:

  • a free telephone consultation with Tessa Shepperson - limited to 30 minutes.  Use this to discuss your tenancy problem and/or get advice about using the site (annual members only)
  • Access to both the landlord and the tenant side of the site - helping you advise both your landlord and your tenant clients
  • Access to our video content - patricianly useful if you do not do a lot of housing work or for trainees
  • Free access to our do it yourself repossession kits

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Multi user membershipMulti user membership

This is particularly useful for organisations where several members of staff will need to use the service.  Pay full price for one member and the setup fee, and then all future members will cost just £36 (£30 plus VAT). 

Membership differs also in that if a member of staff leaves your employment, you can transfer the membership for a new member of staff.  Under standard membership terms and conditions the membership belongs to the member concerned rather than to the employer.


Once you have made your decision:

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