Information about our forms.  Members will also find links to the forums from the members only index pages.

Documents are in two formats:

PDF forms.

These can be completed on screen and then printed off. However unless you have special software the information you entered into the form fields will not save.  You can find out more about pdf forms in the help section >> here.

Generated documents

These are created using our document generator software.  Here you complete a form (which has handy instructions below the form fields to help you), click the blue 'create' button at the bottom, and your document is created!  You are then re-directed to your My Documents area where you can view it, convert it to pdf, edit it or delete it. 

Your documents remain available for you to use while your membership lasts. 

Documents available include:

Tenancy agreements:

Please see the >> tenancy agreements page.  Types available include:

  • Type A - these are various types of Assured Shorthold Tennacy (AST) agreements
  • Type B - these are AST agreements for a room in a shared house
  • Type C - these are 'common law' tenancy agreements
  • Students - these are special tenancies developed for landlands letting to students
  • TDS - for agents using the tenancy deposit scheme run by the Dispute Services  (TDS)
  • Other related documents, such as a deed of guarantee, renewal form are found with the tenancy agreements
  • For inventory forms and the tenancy deposit form - see the Landlords Forms page.

For more information about our tenancy agreements please see our >> Which Tenancy Agreement? guide. If you are looking for a lodger agreement, this can be purchased from our >> Lodger Landlord web-site. 

Tenancy agreements are all produced via our document generation system.  To visit the tenancy agreements section >> click here

Possession notices:

  • Landlords will find our possession notices >> here, or
  • Notice for rent arrears claims can be found >> here (see stage 2)
  • Tenants will find sample notices (so you can see what they look like) in >> this section.


  • Letters of demand to tenants in our >> Rent Arrears Action Plan
  • The possession notices section also includes covering letters
  • For the other landlords letters click >> here.  Letters include section 48 notice, change of landlord, letter to housing benefit officer where tenant is over 8 weeks in arrears of rent.

Other forms

Members will find links to our other forms for landlords >> here



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