Eviction Services from Anthony Gold Solicitors


If you want to evict your tenant but the circumstances are not straightforward, then Anthony Gold can help.

Anthony Gold specialise in those 'difficult' non standard cases, that other firms find hard to handle

For example:

Protected and Assured tenancies

If your tenant has a protected tenancy under the Rent Act 1977 or an assured tenancy under the Housing Act 1988 then you cannot use the 'no fault' section 21 ground.

You may still be able to  evict your tenant - but it will not be easy.  Circumstances where an eviction may be possible are:

  • When the landlord has offered 'suitable alternative accommodation' which has been unreasonably refused
  • When you have tenants who exhibit anti social behavour, or
  • When you need to re-develop the property (not available to landlords by purchase)

Defended rent arrears claims

If your tenant owes more than two months rent you will normally be able to get eviction under one of the standard services.  However there may be problems if your tenant has a potential defence, e.g.

  • for disrepair
  • on deposit issues or
  • with HMO licensing

Anthony Gold have experience with all these issues.  They can also help if you have started a claim assuming that it was straightforward, but a defence has been filed by your tenant which has been accepted by the court.

Telephone adviceWhat to do next:

If you want to use the Anthony Gold service, then the first step is to book a >> fixed fee telephone consultation with them.  They will then be able to assess your case, give you preliminary advice and a quotation for any future work.

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