Email help for Landlord Law members


To assist Landlord Law members with various aspects of landlord and tenant law and using the Landlord Law service, I am developing some educational series of emails on various topics.

Tenancy agreements

The first if these is on tenancy agreements and consists of seven emails:

  1. Consider your tenancy type - is it an AST?
  2. Issues when people share a property
  3. Some other considerations on choosing tenancy agreements
  4. Special clauses
  5. Plain English agreements
  6. Amending tenancy agreements, and
  7. Practical issues and conclusion

Together these emails will give you an overview of the Landlord Law tenancy agreement service and will direct you to various parts of the site where you can learn more.

This is a members only service. 

Members can sign up to receive it via the form on your right - which will only appear if you are logged in as a member.




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