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In this part of the site you will (if you are a logged in Landlord Law member) find a selection of case reports on cases on residential landlord and tenant law. 

It is not a comprehensive list (new cases are being reported all the time), and therefore  will always be a 'work in progress'.  We also concentrate more on private residential landlord and tenant law, although some cases involving social landlords and commercial property may be included if they impact on the private sector. 

We always try to give the report published by the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII).  With House of Lords and Supreme Court decisions we will sometimes give the House of Lords or Supreme Court report instead of the BAILII report. 

Links are also included to other reports, for example on blogs (such as the Nearly Legal Blog or our own Landlord Law Blog).  If you know of an online report or article about a case, please let us have the link and we will consider including it.  The system allows up to nine links per case. 

You will find a (members only) article on case law >> here.

How our cases are organised

The Landlord Law legal cases system allocates two 'tags' to each case.  One tag is for the subject matter of the case, and the other is the level of the case (eg Court of Appeal, High Court etc.).  Below you will find a list of all the subject matters with links to pages where you will find a list of all the cases with that tag.  You can then click through to read our brief summary of the case and then follow the links to read the case reports online. 

Comments are enabled on the cases pages so please feel free to leave a comment, if you wish.

The same list appears in the block in the right margin on all legal case pages, (unbulleted, to save space).  You will also find a link back to this page, and a link to an alphabetical list of all the cases on the site.

Another way to see all the cases in a category is to click the category name link you will find at the top of the case reports - this will take you to a search page showing part of the text and, if the case is a House of Lords or Supreme Court decision, the House of Lords or Supreme Court logo.

Note that many cases have been transferred over from our earlier site where they were listed under one topic only.  If you think any one case should be listed under a different topic, or if you are able to provide the url of another online report, or  if you have information about a new case which you think should be reported here, we would be grateful to hear from you. 

(Note the links will not work unless you are logged in as a member).

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