Bogus no win no fee agreements for disrepair claims


This is where a tenant in a run down property is approached by a salesman offering a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement to bring a claim against their landlord for compensation for disrepair. 

The tenant is asked then asked to make an initial payment. However once this is paid over, no more is heard of the salesman or the company.

Bogus abandonments


Under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 it is illegal to evict someone from a property without first obtaining a court order. However many landlords are unwilling to do this if it looks as if the tenant has gone as obtaining a court order can take months.

Some unscrupulous tenants have been known to take advantage of this by making it seem as if they have left the property, to entice the landlord into changing the locks.

Bogus landlord lettings


This is where a landlord or agent trying to let or sell a property is persuaded to hand over the keys to an apparently genuine customer for an unaccompanied viewing. The customer will often appear very respectable and have business cards and email addresses. However this person will in reality be a fraudster who then takes this opportunity to get a set of keys cut.

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