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This is a seven part series giving detailed instructions on what landlords need to do to increase rent, originally published via my School for Landlords service.

The first video sets the scene and tells you why it is so important to do this properly.  Then the next three look at the main ways used to increase rent - agreement, notice and rent review clauses in the tenancy agreement. 

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Rent is an essential element of all tenancies. Here are links to the relevant content available on Landlord Law for Non members, standard members and +Plus members.  .

Debt advice for tenants


If you are finding it difficult to pay your rent, it  may be an idea for you to seek some professional help.  For example you may have other financial problems and it will be very helpful to have someone assess your situation as a whole.  However many of the companies who advertise help to people in financial difficulties are not the best people to go to (often they just want to get you to sign up to another loan, on which they will recieve commission). 

Below are some good and reputable sources of help.

Debt Advice


Debt Advice

If your tenants are in arrears with their rent, they may have other debt problems, perhaps caused by job loss or family breakdown.  We set out below some good sources of help.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Tessa's Ten Top Tips for tenants on rent

Houses in Norfolk

For Tenant Information please now see our tenant website at

Tessa's Ten Top Tips for landlords on rent

Houses in Derbyshire
  1. Do not charge too high a rent - it is better to let a property with a moderate rent, than have it lie empty.
  2. If you are letting for a fixed term of more than one year, consider having a rent review clause in your tenancy agreement.

Credit Unions which will accept Local Housing Allowance Payments

Under the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) system and  Universal Credit schemes,  money is paid direct to the tenant.  Even if both the landlord and the tenant would prefer it to be paid direct to the landlord.

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