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Cleaning Videos - Introduction

This is the first of six videos which explain how to clean rented property properly.  They are kindly provided by Joanna White of Property Principles Ltd.

Videos on paperwork



This is a seven part series on paperwork, which was originally published by my School for Landlords site.

The series will be particuarly useful for new landlords.

To view the videos, click the links below.  They all have links below to relevant content.  They are only available for +Plus members.

New Landlords Guide


This open access guide is intended for new landlords (but may be useful to more experienced landlords) and will help you decide whether you should manage your properties yourself or whether you should use an agent. You will find links to sources of help and information as you go through the guide.

Many landlords let their property through a letting agent. This gives them peace of mind as the agent (they hope!) ensures that all the legal requirements are complied with, finds a tenant, and collects the rent. But they are expensive!

Consider the following:

Tessa's Ten Top Tips for landlords on the legal aspects of preparing a property to rent

Property in Cambridge
  1. Make sure that you have obtained any necessary permission for letting. For example from your leaseholder if the flat is held on a long lease, or from your mortgage company
Members can read FAQ and articles on all the points covered here.

Tessa's Ten Top Tips for landlords when signing up a new tenant

Street in South London
  1. Get as much information from the prospective tenant as possible before considering granting them a tenancy. It is best to have a standard form for this, such as our online Tenants information form. You should also check their identity
Members can read FAQ and articles on all the points covered here.
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