Horror Story

Horror Story - They told me I could stay there as long as I liked!


A tenant agrees to take on a tenancy of an old run down, but potentially attractive, house at a low rent on the basis that she will renovate it herself.

She is given to understand by the landlords (three sisters) that she can stay there as long as she likes afterwards, but the tenancy agreement she is given is a normal assured shorthold tenancy for six months. She signs it thinking that the paperwork is irrelevant and relying on the assurances she has received from the landlords that they would let her stay in the property as long as she wants.

Horror Story - But they were abandoned goods!


A landlord obtains an order for possession through the courts against his tenant. He then applies for a bailiffs appointment and attends at the property with the bailiff. The property is repossessed and the locks are changed, but the property is still full of the tenants furniture. He talks to the tenant (who attends the bailiffs appointment) who promises to come and remove it within two weeks.

Horror Story - I thought she'd gone!


A landlord lets a flat to a young lady. She only pays the first months rent.

She then starts behaving badly, she has loud parties and the neighbours complain. Her boy friend causes a disturbance at the property on several occasions and kicks one of the doors in. The police are called in several times.

The landlord goes round several times to ask for the rent. He tells her that unless she pays the rent and behaves properly she will have to go. On at least one occasion he loses his temper and shouts at her.

Horror Story - The Tenants from Hell!


A landlord lets in a 'hippie' type family as he is anxious to have tenants in his empty property and the family say that they are desperate for accommodation. He is not entirely happy about them but feels that letting them in will be better than leaving the property empty.

Once in, they proceed to redecorate the property, painting the walls black and all the radiators dark mauve. Numerous complaints are received from neighbours about their behaviour and loud music at night. There are several incidents when the Police are called out and it is suspected that they are taking drugs.

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