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Tag - end of tenancy issues

Tag - End of tenancy issues

There are all sorts of questions people ask connected with the end of the tenancy.  How can tenancies be ended? Shouuld there be a handover meeting?  What needs to be done about post received after they have gone?  That sort of thing.

Tag - Common law tenancies

House doorTag - Common law tenancies

Not all tenancies are assured shortholds!  Some are governed by the underlying 'common law'. 

To help you understand this there is an article which explains this, plus a number of FAQ.  Have a look also in the Q&A.

Tag - Buying property

Tag - Buying Property

Landlord Law does not offer any conveyancing services and Tessa is not a conveyancing solicitor.  The Landlord Law service looks at the law and relationship between the landlord and the tenant rather than the landlords purchase of the property in the first place.

However, buying property is a large part of what landlords do, and many tenants will also be interested in one day buying their own home (or indeed may be a landlord themselves). 

Tag - About letting agents

House to letTag - About letting agents

As  you would expect this tag brings up content aimed to help landlords and tenants under stand and use letting agents.

For example there are a couple of articles on finding letting agents and on problems with letting agents, plus there is some FAQ on the subject.

The content tags

The content tags

In Drupal, the software which is used to run the Landlord Law site, there is something called 'taxonomy'.  This allows us to attach a term or 'tag' to each item of content so it can be sorted easily.

All content on the Landlord Law site is tagged depending on the subject matter of the content.  When the site was set up, I did a list of content topics, such as tenancy agreements, repair issues etc, which describes that that content is about. 

The content types

The content type

The content on the site comes in various formats or content types. The main content types are:

  • Ordinary pages
  • Books
  • Articles
  • FAQ
  • Tips
  • Q&A
  • Legal cases
  • The Local Authority Directory
  • Suppliers
  • The forum
  • pdf articles and forms
  • Blocks

Ordinary pages

These are basically pages which are not one of the other types.  The have a margin and banners on the right.

The Landlord Law site content

The Landlord Law site content

There are two main ways we use to differentiate the content on Landlord Law.  By:

  • content type,
  • content tags, or
  • user type

For more information on the content types and content tags, see the separate pages for these, and the sub pages linked from them.

User type

What you see on Landlord Law depends on the type of user you are.  The three types at present are:

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