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Quick Guide to finding content on Landlord Law

Most of the Landlord Law content can be located easily via the drop down menus on the green 'nav bar' at the top of the screen or via the index pages or the links boxes on the right of the screen. 

Below are some screen shots showing the drop down menus and links boxes - however note that these do change sometimes so  do not worry if what you see on the site now is not exactly the same as in the picture.

Note that if you are not a logged in member, many of the links and pages discussed below will not show for you.

Email help for Landlord Law members


To assist Landlord Law members with various aspects of landlord and tenant law and using the Landlord Law service, I am developing some educational series of emails on various topics.

Tenancy agreements

The first if these is on tenancy agreements and consists of seven emails:

Logging in, step by step guide

Follow this quick guide to logging into Landlord Law.

Note - the site looks a bit different now as we have had an upgrade since this guide was created.  But the system still works in the same way.

1. Go to the login screen

Go to login  screen


2. Enter your login details

Login screen

Forum, step by step guide

The forum is a place where Landlord Law members can ask Tessa questions and join in discussions with other Landlord Law members.  

Note that if you have any questions for Tessa, these should be asked in the forum please, NOT in a private email or message.  Landlord Law membership does not include a free email (or indeed telephone) advice services.  If you want confidential advice, we have some paid for advice services >> here.

If you want to end your membership

Cancelling membership

Generally - if you have a query about cancelation, please can you email rather than telephone.  If you telephone, we will always ask you to confirm via email and will not do anything until this is received (as we usually need your email address to find you on the system).

If you don't want to renew

Site FAQ

FAQ on using the Landlord Law site

If you have a problem which is not answered here, please email us at info at and let us know.

There is a step by step guide to logging in >> here

Try the step by step guide first.  Otherwise see the information below.

See also our help section via the green button below right.

Help Videos

Guidance on using the Landlord Law Site

We are gradually developing a series of help videos, to help you use the Landlord Law service and system.  You can find all the videos here, plus individual videos will be liked to appropriate parts of the site.

The Forum

The forum

[See an illustrated step by  step instruction guide >> here]

The forum is a very important part of Landlord Law as it is where members can meet and talk to one another, and seek help with their problems.

Money back guarantee

Our guarantee to you

When you buy a product, you can't always be SURE that it is right for you.  Sometimes you misread the product information and find you have bought something unsuitable, or maybe it was not written clearly and you misunderstood.

It is therefore comforting to know that in those circumstances the supplier will cancel and give a refund. 

The Letters Service

The Landlord Law Letters Service

With the document generator software we can set this up to generate documents for you to send to your landlord if you are a tenant, or to your tenant if you are a landlord.

All letters will have some standard information that will need to be provided for all letters - the address, names etc. 

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