General tenancy

Residential Licenses

Introduction: What is a license?

A license is where someone is given permission to occupy a property or room but does not acquire the rights of a tenant.

This often appears an attractive proposition to a landlord, who may not wish to be bound by the landlords repairing covenants or want his occupants to acquire security of tenure.

Occupation Types

To understand and know your rights as a landlord, or a tenant, you need to know what type of occupation you have: 

  • Is it a license or a tenancy?
  • If it is a tenancy - what type of tenancy is it?

You will probably know what occupation type you have - but if you don't, we have a diagnostic tool on the site:

>> The tenancy Trail.  

The tenancy trail


The tenancy trail is an interactive question and answer 'trail' which will help you find out whether you have a residential tenancy or a licence, and if you have a tenancy, what type it is.

After reading the initial notes, please answer the questions 'yes' or 'no' as appropriate. Eventually, you will come to an answer page which will give information about your letting. Some types of letting are not covered on this web-site, and if this is the case the answer will say so.

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