Saving pdf forms

Saving pdf forms

When using our pdf forms where you complete the form fileds on screen with the free Adobe reader, be aware that the information in the fields cannot be saved, unless you have the special Adobe Acrobat software.

This means that when you click the re-set button or exit the form, the information you have put in the fields will be lost. In many cases this is not a problem as you will have your printed copy.  However you may want to keep an electronic copy also.

Owners of the Acrobat software will be able to save version of the forms with the fields completed, but this software is quite expensive and many people cannot afford it.

However it is not always realised that there are some utilities available free on the internet which allow you to ‘print’ a pdf document to save as another pdf document, exactly as it appears on the screen. This means that it would include all the information in the fields. You would then have a copy of your document which you could save electronically.

This will be particularly helpful if you want to send a document by email for someone else to to print out, sign and return to you.

One program which will do this for you is Cute Pdf writer. This can be downloaded free from the internet via this link (the page will load in a new window or tab). There may be others which would do a similar job.

This will not be necessary however if you create a form using our document generator.




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