Pdf documents on Landlord Law

Pdf Documents on Landlord Law

There are three ways we use to display the pdf documents on the Landlord Law site.  When you click a link to a pdf document you will be taken to o

1. Embedded pdfs

This is where you will see a page which has the pdf embedded in a frame.  You can scroll up and down the document and go to different pages without moving the main Landlord Law page.

This is the way most frequently used.  For example all our articles are presented like this.  The article format is designed so that it fits within the frame so you do not have to scroll and can just move from page to page.  For example >> see here.

If you move to another tab and then come back and find that the pdf has disappeared, just refresh the page and it should come back again.

Note that on some computers, the pdf may not show in the frame.  if this happens you should just click the link to download it.   You will find the link under the pdf frame. 

2. Page with link to the pdf

This is where I want to say something about the pdf before you view it.  So you will find a normal page with text, and perhaps a picture. 

The page will have a link to the pdf at the bottom.  It will show the title of the pdf document and say how large it is.  To read the document y ou just click the link.  On some computers the pdf will appear in your internet browser window.  On other computers it may download the document separately. 

3. Direct link to the pdf document

Here the pdf will just open.  Either in your browser window or it will download to your computer.



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