PDF articles and forms

PDF documents

Pdf stands for Portable Document Format.  It is a a way of saving information so it can be read by all computers, no matter what operating software they are running, provided they have the free Adobe document reader. 

So for example a pdf article can be read by someone on a new Macbook computer as well as someone on an elderly PC running windows. 

Although most computers can read the microsoft office windows software, not everyone has it (it is expensive), plus there are many different versions not all of which are compatable.  However there are very few computers which cannot run the free Adobe reader software and therefore read pdf documents.  This is why they are so popular. 

We have many pdf documents on Landlord-Law, plus you can also convert many of our pages to pdf using the links at the foot of the pages.  Our document creation engine also creates pdf documents.

However there are also many other forms in pdf format in the site.  This section gives guidance on their use.



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