Marginal index blocks

On most pages you will find some sort of index in the margin.

  • In the Tenants Big Book and in this help guide, you will find an index on the left
  • On most other pages you will find some sort of index, or link to an index page, on the right

For example:

  • Most landlord and tenant pages will have a landlord and tenant index leading to pages with links to all the content in that catetory
  • FAQ have links in the margin leading back to the index pages
  • The Q and & has its own index block
  • The cases has links to different types of case
  • The Local Authority directory has an A - Z index

There are also other links blocks to help you find related content.  So you should always be able to navigate your way around the site easily.

If you find it hard to find any particular content, let us know and we will try to add some extra links.



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