Loading pdf forms

If you are having problems loading the pdf documents and forms

If you want to view any of our content which is in 'pdf' format, you will need the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. To complete the forms online, you will need a fairly recent version (version 5 or higher). However this is not a problem as the Reader can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website (the Adobe site will come up in a new window or tab). To download the Acrobat Reader, follow the online instructions.

Note that the Adobe reader is generally now installed as standard with all new PCs, so in most cases (unless you have a very old machine) you should already have it.

Sometimes the forms will take a long time to load. Do wait, they should load eventually.

One of our members reported that when using Mozilla Firefox he was unable to download and open pdf documents, but that he had no problem with Internet Explorer. So trying another browser program may help.

Sometimes people tell us that they have been asked for a password when opening one of the pdf documents. If this happens it is almost certainly because you are using the wrong or out of date software. None of the forms or pdf documents on the Landlord-Law site need a password to open them.

Occasionally we are contacted by people who are experiencing difficulties even with the correct software. If this happens to you, either try again at a later time or re-start your computer and try again. Most people who have initial problems do seem to resolve them eventually. However if you still are finding it difficult, send us an e mail and let us know what the problem is, and we will see if there is anything we can do. When doing this, please let us have as much detail as you can about the error and (if possible) the full text of any error messages.



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