The Landlord Law site content

The Landlord Law site content

There are two main ways we use to differentiate the content on Landlord Law.  By:

  • content type,
  • content tags, or
  • user type

For more information on the content types and content tags, see the separate pages for these, and the sub pages linked from them.

User type

What you see on Landlord Law depends on the type of user you are.  The three types at present are:

  • Non members (or members who are not logged in)
  • Landlord members, and
  • Tenant members

(There is also a separate admin type, but only I and my web designer see that!). 

So if you are not logged in as a member, you will not be able to see the majority of the site content.  It simply will not be visible.  If you are given a link to some members only content and you click it while logged out, you will not get through.

When logged in the content you see will depend on whether you are logged in as a landlord or a tenant.  For example there are two completely different set of FAQ, one for landlords and one for tenants.  The content is often similar but it is written from the point of view of a landlord or a tenant as appropraiate.  Again, if you click, say, a link to tenants content while you are logged in as a landlord, you will not get through.

There are also separate services available to one or the other.  For example the landlords have our tenancy agreements service, the Which Possession Proceedings trail, and the Rent Arrears Action Plan (to name but a few).  Tenants have the Tenants Big Book, our letters service, and forms such as the new tenancy checklist.

However some content is common to both.  For example many of the articles (particuarly the legal articles), and the tenancy trail.

The forum is an important part of the site, and again tenants and landlords also each have their own area.  However, there is one common area called 'Crossroads' where landlords and tenants can both access and have discussions.  If you want to that is!

Follow the links in the index to your left or below to find out about content type and tags.



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