If you want to end your membership

Cancelling membership

Generally - if you have a query about cancelation, please can you email rather than telephone.  If you telephone, we will always ask you to confirm via email and will not do anything until this is received (as we usually need your email address to find you on the system).

If you don't want to renew

If you are a landlord or +Plus member paying by pay pal (ie if you joined before November 2013) you will generally be signed up to a recurring payment.  You can cancel this quite easily but it needs to be done on the pay pal site.  You will generally find your 'recurring payments dashboard' by following the transaction ID link on your receipt.

If you can't find it, email us and we will do it for you. Your membership will then be terminated automatically at the end of your membership period.

Otherwise (ie if you are not signed up to a recurring payment), just wait and your membership will just end and your access will be terminated when your membership period ends.

Members who joined after 1 November 2013

The pay pal system will only apply to members who joined before November 2013.  After this the pay pal system was replaced by the credit card payment system.

If  you are a landlord or +plus member paying by credit card, you will also be set up to make recurring payments.  You will receive information about cancelation via the system along with inks to allow you to do this.  If you cannot find this or would like us to re-send the cancelation links to you, please email Tessa Shepperson.

If you want to end your membership NOW

Contact us and we will do this for you.  However terminating your membership will not necessarily entitle you to a refund.  For information about refunds please see the >> guarantee page.

If you want to end your membership because of a problem you have experienced on the site

Please contact us about it.  There are occasionally problems.  However if we do not know about it we cannot help you or correct the problem!  We will ALWAYS try to put a problem right if we can.  

Please contact Tessa Shepperson either via the internal mailing system or email her at tessa @ landlordlaw.co.uk.  





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