Forum, step by step guide

The forum is a place where Landlord Law members can ask Tessa questions and join in discussions with other Landlord Law members.  

Note that if you have any questions for Tessa, these should be asked in the forum please, NOT in a private email or message.  Landlord Law membership does not include a free email (or indeed telephone) advice services.  If you want confidential advice, we have some paid for advice services >> here.

Tessa is happy to answer most questions but be aware that the forum is intended for 'quick questions' only . Members cannot expect to have a detailed 'Counsels opinion' type answer in a forum situation.  

In particular if legal proceedings are ongoing,you should request (and pay for) the fixed fee service, so Tessa can consider the legal paperwork concerned before giving any advice.

How to use the forum

Some people are unfamiliar with using forums and this puts them off using our forum - if this is you, please follow this step  by step guide.  The red arrows show you the relevant parts of the screen.  Most people use the forum to ask Tessa questions, so I will describe the system on this basis. 

(Note - this guide was done before the Landlord Law website theme was updated so the site does now look a bit different.  However it works in exactly the same way - its just that some elements are displayed a bit differently now maybe with a slightly different colour)

1. Finding the forum

The forum can be accessed via the forum logos on many pages (in particular the subject index pages) or via the members links block which will appear on the right when you are logged in.

Finding the forum

Or here is a >> direct link to the forum.

2. Selecting the forum section.

Once you have arrived at the forum, select the correct section for your question or discussion topic.  For example if you have a question about tenancy agreements, select the tenancy agreements section, and click the link.


Using the forum

Take a look at the discussions already there - your question may already have been answered.  If not:

3. Start a new topic

You do this by clicking on the green 'new topic' button, where the red arrow is below.

Start topic


4. Ask your question

You  need to give your post a heading (or it will self generate one by using the first part of your post).  When posting your question be aware that other people can read it so don't put anything confidential. 

Please also DO NOT WRITE YOUR POST JUST IN CAPITAL LETTERS.  Writing in capital letters is seen as 'shouting' on the internet and is considered very rude.  

Then once your question is asked, you can check it by clicking the preview button (where the green arrow is) or just save it straight away (where the red arrow is), which will put it on the forum.  If you preview it, make sure you do then save it!

Create topic


Tessa will generally visit the forum at least once every 24 hours.  However if you are anxious for an early answer, you can send her an email to let her know its there.  She will generally go in as soon as she is able to answer it for you.

5. Reading the answer

Generally the system will send you an email notification when an answer is posted to a thread you started or have contributed to.  You can follow the link in the email to see the post.  Or if you go to the forum, you will see a yellow star next to the sections which have new posts - it is a bit difficult to see on the picture as it is reduced but you should be able to see the yellow star where the red arrow is:

Yellow stars

You can also  use this to check what new discussions are going on in the forum.  Please do join in - the forum is open to all members and your suggestions will be most welcome.

Note - if you have not received any notifications after a couple of days, you should check online to see if an answer has been done as occasionally the emails notification emails do not go out.

6. Doing a reply

To respond to a post you need to click one of the green reply buttons - where the arrows are.  If you are specifically answering something said in the post then click the button BELOW the post (where the red arrow is).  Then your answer will appear immediatly below the post.  If you click the  bigger button then your answer will appear somewhere else, normally on top of the original post.

DO NOT click the links next to the name of the person posting (ie where the big black cross is).  These will take you to a messaging system.  Thats fine if you want to send a private message, but note that Tessa will not answer legal questions put in private messages but will just ask you to post it to the forum.


7. Posting your reply

You will see only a preview button below your reply.


It is essential that once you have previewed your post, you then click AGAIN to save it (you may have to scroll down a bit to find it).  If you do not do this your answer will be lost.


That ends this guide.  Hopefully you will now be able to post your questions and discussions easily.

If you want to use the forum now >> click here.

Note - we normally check the forum once or twice a day and answer questions.  However if your question is urgent, feel free to send Tessa an email telling her that it is there.  She will go in and answer when she can.




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